Do you have FOTO, fear of throwing out? Here are the secrets to an organized closet

A messy closet is a waste of everyone’s time.

“They go to get dressed and they can’t find their favorite pair of black pants.”

Naples’ Premier Professional Organizer Marla Ottenstein has more than a decade of experience, and organizes everything from households to entire moves.

When it comes to closets, Ottenstein first tells clients to ditch clothes that break her ‘too’ rule.

“If something is too long, too short too tight, too loose too tattered, it’s time to say adieu.”

Next – stop buying hangers. For every item that enters your closet, one should exit.

“Then you’re going to think twice before you bring more stuff in,” Ottenstein said.

She also suggests buying matching hangers.

But limiting hangers, doesn’t mean buying bins.

“The second you put them [clothing] in a bin and you put them on a top shelf, it’s out of sight of mind.”

Clear shoe bins are the only bins Ottenstein endorses. She also tells clients to use shoe cubbies.

Ottenstein says to throw out plastic garment bags because they can ruin clothing if used for an extended amount of time. Instead, use and old pillowcase or a proper garment bag.

Clothes should also be able to breathe. Each hanger should be separated by two fingers.

Reporter:Allison Gormly
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