Traffic issues along Cape Coral Parkway. Photo via WINK News

Cape Coral to reveal proposed solutions to ease traffic along the Parkway

Cape Coral is working to find solutions to get rid of the bumper to bumper traffic that plagues the Cape Coral Parkway.

Several months back the city purchased a traffic simulator to help find the problem areas along the parkway, and what can be done to fix them.

On Wednesday we will get to hear what solutions they have come up with so far.

Other ideas that were suggested back in March, are expanding the turning lane that turns on to Del Prado. So often that lane fills up causing a blockage in the middle lane, so extending that will ease congestion.

Another proposed solution would be to remove the parking spots that run along the Parkway.

Drivers WINK News spoke with in the area all had solutions of their own that they think could help move traffic along.

“In general it seems like people sometimes park cars longer than a day or two and they’re using it as a parking lot and that impedes traffic,” said Skip Kitchen, who lives in Cape Coral.

Drivers also say he would like to see longer turn signals at certain times of the day.

The city will share  their official findings Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.

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