Renewed push to get released info in investigation of FMPD officer

The leader of a professional law enforcement organization urged Fort Myers City Council to reach out to the Office of the United States Attorneys for all details related to an investigation of four officers on paid leave. But as we reported previously, the federal office will not confirm the existence of an investigation. This professional said the chief of police also holds the power to shed light on this case.

Matt Sellers, president of Gulf Coast Police Benevolent Association, said Chief of Police Derrick Diggs ultimately has the power to release the information about Fort Myers police under investigation Monday.

This week marks two and a half years since officers were put on administrative leave. Two have since retired from FMPD.

Credit: WINK News.

“Two are still employed with this cloud over their head,” Sellers said. “And as of today, we still only have three pages of redacted information.”

Three pages almost entirely blacked out were released publicly as part of the Freeh Report, an outside group the city paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to investigate FMPD in 2016.

Diggs would not comment when we asked him about the report, while he remains the sole individual who knows what it reveals.

“Oh, we can’t talk about that,” Diggs said.

But Sellers said Diggs has the power to share the report.

“He’s in charge of this information,” Sellers said. “If he was able to choose who he wants to investigate it, he can also put an end to it.”

Taxpayers remain on the hook for the salaries of two officers who remain on paid leave in Lee County, totaling $360,000.

At this point, it’s unclear if the redacted reports relate to the four officers originally placed on administrative leave.


Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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