Cape Coral UEP addresses concerns over well equipment thefts

A crook was caught on home surveillance stealing well water system equipment from a neighbor in Cape Coral. These resources are worth thousands of dollars, and people are worried someone else will strike their home. Neighbors say homes targeted have been newly constructed homes or those that have been vacant.

The City of Cape Coral’s Utilities Expansion Project is going to move away from the use of wells, and this will work to fend off potential thieves from targeting homes with well systems.

“I’m sure because then the equipment is gone,” neighbor Lance Schirmer said. “But after that, you never know what’s next.”

Schirmer lives with his family two houses down from where a man targeted well pumps and other equipment.

“Stealing the water softeners,” Schirmer said, “You just never know who’s walking around your house looking at whatever, wanting to take it.”

Through a sting operation, police planted cameras at the home that was stolen from hoping to catch the people responsible for leaving homes without water and hefty repair bills.

“It’s kind of scary because we haven’t had that kind of thing going on in this area at all until just recently,” neighbor Bob O’Donnell said.

One man Rogelio Miranda-Espinosa was arrested by Cape Coral police Department in the act of cutting pipes to steal valuable well pumps; however investigators believe others could still be involved.

“I’m relieved that they found somebody,” O’Donnell said. “And hopefully they’ll get the others, and we’ll put and end to this.”

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Reporter:Justin Kase
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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