Cape Coral dog walker and clients dog attacked by a German Shepard

A woman in Cape Coral says she was walking two dogs when she was attacked by another dog early Friday morning.

Dog walker Dakotah Howard was out with her friend’s dog, Sadie, as she does every morning.

The woman says an off-leash German Shepherd aggressively approached her.

“We had just left the house we were about four houses down and it was six in the morning, so still really dark out,” Howard said. “A German Shepherd just kind of popped out at the end of the driveway, right down the street, and then was right upon us going after Sadie.”

No leash. No owner in sight. Sadie got bit several times.

Howard says she eventually got between the two dogs as struggled to push the German Shepherd off, “The only thing I could think of was just block any point of entry for him.”

She says the dog ran away and they still haven’t tracked it down.

“It didn’t have a collar, no leash, no identification but it looked normal and healthy like it was someone’s dog,” Howard added.

Sadie’s Owner, Heather Stump, says the dog is a bit shaken up but she is OK, “She was pretty rough this morning. But the pain pills have kicked in and she’s doing OK.”

The second dog Howard was walking was uninjured in the incident.

They’re hoping this incident will remind others to keep their animals on a leash, so something like this doesn’t happen again.

Lee County Domestic Animal Services responded to the scene Friday morning. They say they still haven’t tracked down the dog but will be on alert for animal attacks in the area.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
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