Puppy found dead in Charlotte County, possibly dragged to death

Dog owner Theda Porter was driving to work Wednesday morning when she spotted a decomposed four-legged animal along the road in the Gulf Cove community in Charlotte County.

She said it looked like a coyote with a rope around it but, “it seems to be a mystery on what happened.”

Division manager Brian Jones with the Charlotte County Animal Control said, “At first we really couldn’t determine if it was a coyote or a dog.”

But a veterinarian determined it was a 9-month-old puppy. The female shepherd mix was found with a makeshift harness attached to her with a clip at the end of the rope.

Jones says it looks like it may have been dragged along the road but they’re are not sure if that’s the cause of death.

The puppy was found dead on Chippewa Street, near the edge of the Myakka State Forest.

Now, investigators are trying to figure out if the puppy died here, or if it was brought here after its death.

“I just couldn’t wrap my head around somebody treating their animal that way,” Porter said.

The dog wasn’t chipped or wearing a tag, so animal control is trying to find out if someone in the area owned a young female shepard, while treating the investigation as a potential animal cruelty case.

With limited evidence, animal control is depending on tips from people in the community.

As with most crimes, they believe somebody somewhere knows something, and they’re hoping to fill the gaps – in a case with many holes.

If investigators can prove how the animal died and who did it, the person responsible could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

If you have any information or a tip you can call the tip line at (941) 833-5690 x1. Tipsters can remain anonymous.

Reporter:Erika Jackson
Writer:Derrick Shaw
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