NCH hit by email phishing attack, 73 employees fell victim

It started when the hospital noticed something suspicious with payroll in June. NCH Healthcare System immediately brought in a third party investigative forensics team to find out what was going on.

As many as 73 employees at NCH fell victim to an email phishing scam.

Art Goebel of Naples said, “It is a huge deal and that’s just one of the drawbacks to the modern age.”

NCH tells us an attacker sent an email with an attachment to employees in several departments, posing as their interim CEO and president.

They gained access to dozens of email accounts and it’s possible anything in them at the time could have been compromised – including your private information.

NCH makes it clear the employees didn’t misuse information in their emails but are working to identify those who might be exposed.

Rich Shea uses NCH and says he’s obviously upset “it’s a pain in the neck and also you don’t want everyone knowing all about your medical conditions.”

NCH couldn’t tell us specifically what information could be at risk and it’s still under investigations.

Their employees go through mandatory cybersecurity training every year and the health care system says they’ll boost their security in addition to reviewing their current policies and procedures.

NCH says they contacted their cyber insurance carrier immediately to help find experts to investigate.

The hospital admits it’s responsible for educating its employees and having policies in place.

Writer:Derrick Shaw
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