Husband could face charges in wife’s boating-related death

A husband could face charges after his wife was killed in a boating incident earlier this year on Fort Myers Beach.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has released new information and video of the moment after Irene Sabo suffered deadly cuts to her head from a boat propeller back in March near Lani Kai Island Resort on Fort Myers Beach.

Investigators say Irene’s husband, Joseph Sabo, who was driving the boat, told his wife to get off because it was too heavy.

“Just hanging out with a bunch of friends,” Joseph said. “You know it was a [unclear] … Between all the boats, there’s probably 30 people just hanging out as friends.”

New cell phone video shows Irene, family and friends trying to get the boat off a sandbar near Lani Kai. Just seconds later, Joseph said he noticed his wife, Irene, floating in the water.

“I don’t even know what happened,” Joseph said.

FWC said Irene fell onto the propeller as her husband revved the engine.

According to the FWC report, investigators say revving the engine in a reckless manner may have contributed to Irene’s death.

Irene and Joseph’s son, Braden Sabo, told investigators he never saw his mom get behind the boat.

“All I know is that the person on my other side was my buddy,” Braden said. “So between us two, there was no one. There was no one in the way of the props. There was no one behind us.”

Records show, Irene’s blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit, but law enforcement is still unsure how she fell on the propeller.

FWC said the state attorney’s office is currently leading the investigation.

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Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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