Cape Coral woman reunites over 1,000 lost pets with owners

When a beloved pet gets lost, it’s a tough situation for the whole family. That’s why a Cape Coral woman has donated her time to reunite more than 1,000 pets with their owners. Her job is in law enforcement, but her passion is helping animals find their way home.

Lori Briggs is a dog mom, a law enforcement officer and a superhero to hundreds of people because she has helped reunite them with their lost pets.

“I just want to get the word out there for people that have lost their pets,” Briggs said. “That there is help out here.”

November Eisenberg credits Briggs for bringing her dog back home.

“Ace went on a 10-day run, and Lori came to the rescue,” Eisenberg said. “They’re part of your family. It was horrible while he was gone.”

When Briggs heard Ace was missing, she led the search to find the missing pup.

“And was a big, big part in bringing him home,” Eisenberg said. “As far as I’m concerned, Lori’s my hero. I’ve never seen any one individual do so much for so many people.”

For 10 years, Briggs has donated her time and money to track and trap animals that have gone missing. All anyone needs to do is call.

“Animal Control, they get busy,” Briggs said. “I have live cameras that send pictures to my phone. So when I’m trying to catch a dog, I probably don’t sleep an hour because I’m watching my phone all night long.”

Credit: WINK News.

Briggs is equipped with her souped-up van and humane methods to retrieve pets and bring them home.

“They come in, and they step right here, and the door shuts,” Briggs said.

Briggs told us she successfully captured exactly 1,062 pets, and she continues to reunite more of them with their worried owners for free.

“Haven’t charged anyone yet [because] my heart kicks in, and I’m like ‘Oh, I’m just gonna do it,’” Briggs said.

Briggs continues to a make a positive impact in her surrounding communities to bring families back together. She encourages anyone wanting help to find a pet or remove wildlife to contact her by email, [email protected], or call 313-475-9132.

“It’s an awesome feeling,” Briggs said.

Reporter:Melinda Lee
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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