3 dogs die in a house fire in Cape Coral

The fire started early this morning. Neighbors called the homeowners and soon realized their three dogs were trapped inside.

Firefighters pulled three dogs out of the family’s home. But, the firefighters were not able to save them.

Neighbor Boris Burgus says the family is new on the street.

Fire dept. spokeswoman, Andrea Schuck, says crews ran into challenges.

“The biggest challenge of the fire was the location of the home because it’s beside a canal,” Schuck said. “We obliviously can’t drive a fire truck back there, so it makes it a little more challenging to come at it from that angle.”

Another issue was that North Cape Coral does not have city water meaning the fire hydrants are not working. Instead, they pumped water out of the canal and also came prepared with tanker trucks.

“I hope they be okay and I hope everything works out for them in the end,” Burgus said.

Writer:Lincoln Saunders