Cape Coral woman has snake in a box delivered to her door, sender unknown

What would you do if someone shipped you a snake in a box? That’s what happened to one Cape Coral woman, and authorities don’t think it’s a laughing matter.

The woman has no idea who sent her the snake, taped up in a box. And to top it off it was pregnant. It even laid a clutch of eggs while in FWC possession.

It’s a story that seems all too “Florida Man,” or in this case, “Florida Woman.”

Body camera footage from the Cape Coral Police Department taken in June shows the woman bringing the package in to the police department.

The slithering surprise even caught the officers off guard, “wWoah! no, no… see this is not funny… Wooooooo!” one of them said.

Brian Holman, owner of Discount Pets and Supply, and the FWC confirmed it’s a black rat snake, which is native to midwest states like Wisconsin and Illinois, “They’re more or less harmless. They stick around in the tall grasses, they eat the mice and the rats so they’re not coming into your home.”

The snake may be harmless, but it’s not something you expect to show up at your door – in a box.

The return address on the box says Illinois but that didn’t provide her anymore of a clue on who could have sent it.

The FWC says the person who mailed a live snake across state lines will likely face state and federal charges.

Writer:Derrick Shaw
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