Burglars try to break into Golden Gate Estates home

Scary new video of four crooks trying to break into a home, seen with sticks and a knife. They are still on the streets and Deputies want to know if you recognize them.

“It certainly gets my attention,” said Eleanor Boyce, who lives nearby.

A second neighbor, Amanda Hanshaw, said she noticed suspicious cars driving up and down her road.

“Don’t come looking for the trouble,” Hanshaw said. “It’s simple. We don’t want it. We came out here for the peace.”

Collier County investigators said the four men ripped a latch-and-hook off one of the screen doors.

“It makes me nervous,” Hanshaw said. “We are out here in the middle of nowhere and like I said, it’s an easy target, so they don’t expect people to notice.”

But they do notice many homes in the neighborhood with signs on posts, cameras in plain sight, including Hanshaw’s home.

Investigators said they walked through sensors, setting off an alarm. They quickly ran away after that.

“Only a few of us live on the street,” Hanshaw said. “But, we all look out for each other that’s what a community support and we should.”

“My house is armed,” Boyce said. “I don’t live in fear and I will not be guided by that.”

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