Driver slams car into four Cape Coral homes, then gets tased by police

Video of a driver slamming into a Cape Coral home multiple times was caught on cam Tuesday afternoon.

Bizarre is the only way to describe what a Cape Coral homeowner watched unfold.

“I was on the phone,” Daniel said. “I saw a car. A white car go and hit that garage. I thought it was him by mistake hitting his own garage.”

Damages from the crash. (Credit: WINK News)
Damages from the crash. (Credit: WINK News)

But it was no mistake. Cape Coral Police Dept. said the driver was responsible slammed into four garage doors on purpose. One was on the 1300 block of SE 37 Terrace; two were on the 1300 block of SE 37 Lane; and one on corner of SE 37 Lane and SE 15 Ave.

“And then he backed out, hit it again,” Daniel said. “At that point, I knew something was wrong.”

Daniel caught the video on his home surveillance camera. In the video, the white car hits the garage once, then backs up and hits it again, before driving off.

“And then he stops and asked us if we want to do any drugs with him and I was on the phone with the cops,” Daniel said.

Then, Daniel calls 911. Moments later, police stopped the driver responsible on Del Prado Blvd. To get the man in handcuffs, police had to taser him several times.

“Obviously something was wrong if he was hitting everybody’s garage,” Daniel said.

Reporter:Brooke Shafer
Writer:Michael Mora
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