Suspect robs Cape Coral 7-Eleven, accomplice holds victim at gunpoint

A woman says she was among victims of a series of robberies in Lee County on Friday. The thefts happened at a bank ATM and two convenience stores in Cape Coral and North Fort Myers.

Michelle Gosselin said she was sitting in her car Friday morning while she was waiting for her boyfriend who was inside a 7-Eleven when Gosselin heard the door open and assumed it was her boyfriend.

“Next thing I know, there was a gun to my head,” Gosselin said. “He was holding it right at my temple, and he said, ‘Give me everything you’ve got.'”

But, Gosselin’s purse was in the back of the car, so she told the masked teenager she did not have anything. That prompted the teenager to hit Gosselin in the head with the gun before demanding money again.

At the same time Gosselin had a gun directed at her head, a bank statement shows her boyfriend, Austin Garrett, made a purchase inside of the convenience store. Garrett, who was inside the 7-Eleven, said a masked teenager demanded money from the clerk.

“She kept telling him no,” said Garrett, referring to the 7-Eleven clerk. “He then fired off a shot.”

Garrett told WINK News he slowly backed up and hid behind a display inside the store.

“That’s when he turned his attention on me, pointed a gun at me and then he demanded my wallet because everything I had was just in my hands,” Garrett said. “I said, ‘Not a problem.’ The wallet is not worth my life.”

Two suspects, Noah Voll, 19, and Jahiem Lovett, 17, were later identified as the masked teenagers. Both Gosselin and Garrett are unclear if it was the sound of sirens that made the two suspects run away. But the couple was grateful nobody was hurt.

While filling out paperwork with police officers, Gosselin said the realization of what happened took over her body. Paperwork from Cape Coral Hospital confirmed Gosselin had a seizure.

“Next thing you know, I was on the ground, and they sprayed some stuff in my nose,” Gosselin said, “They had me on a gurney back to the hospital.”

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
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