Naples Youth Climate Protest demand politicians take action

Published: August 9, 2019 4:55 PM EDT

Right now, young people from all across Southwest Florida are taking steps to help the environment. The first Naples Youth Climate Protest is underway. The goal, they say, is to demand politicians to take action to save our planet.

The organization, Friday’s For Future, is spreading its protests to Southwest Florida. It said they are bringing awareness of what effects climate change is having on our world. Solemi Hernandez, a climate change activist, said she wants to influence the younger generation because it is their future.

“The mission is just to bring awareness about our climate crisis,” Hernandez said. “We are already living the consequences of air pollution and water pollution all in our waterways and everywhere.”

This is their first time protesting in Southwest Florida. The organization told WINK News they hope more people join in to bring awareness. It plans to do this every Friday.