Deputies locate parents of a child found wandering along a busy road

Julianna Farbe said she saw the toddler in a pair of pants wandering alone in the Whistlers Cove Apartment complex in east Naples.

“She saw a child walk through,” said Elius Farbe, her husband. “She said she didn’t see anyone with the baby.”

Elius told WINK News Julianna saw the child roaming by the trash and mailbox area and said a car almost hit him. Elius picked up the child and brought him to the office.

That is when the all-out search for the boy’s parents got underway. Police went door-to-door, showing neighbors like Angel Figueroa the boy’s photo.

Angel said he did not recognize the child and many kids are living in the complex. However, he told us the parents need to be more careful.

“That’s just irresponsible on the parents’ behalf,” Angel said. “Each to their own is what I would say, but they should be a little bit more responsible.”

Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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