Work underway for Brick and Masonry Academy’s outdoor classroom

WINK News is your back to school headquarters and work is underway right now on Island Coast High School’s newest academy.

New video shows the foundation for the Brick and Masonry Academy’s outdoor classroom. It will be where students get their hands dirty beyond the lessons they learn in a traditional classroom.

The four-year program starts with the basics of laying brick. It gives students the skills to pursue local internships as juniors and seniors.

The academy is only open to first-year students this year. However, the school is already working on expanding the program to more grade levels for the fall of 2020.

The academy fits the school’s mission to prepare the students for the workforce and will also fill the void in a booming industry in Southwest Florida.

“All our students will be post-secondary ready through attendance, behavior and classroom success,” said Michelle Cort-Mora, the principal of Island Coast High School. “And we believe incorporating the masonry program into our curriculum will lead to that.”

“It’s going to bring a technical education program that is desperately needed down here,” said Dan Kroeker, coordinator for the Masonry Apprenticeship. “Contractors are always looking for experienced workers.”

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