Battle over mold in family’s Channelside apartment

When mold invades an apartment, who is responsible for getting rid of it? Tenants at a complex in south Fort Myers are struggling with the question of whether it is them or their landlord.

One of the tenants, Allyson Jenson, can not take it anymore. She said mold is growing everywhere inside her family’s apartment.

“I went to the ER, then my daughter started getting sick,” said Jenson, referring to the emergency room in a hospital. “We have found bugs crawling under the flooring in the restroom and under the baseboards.”

The family of four used to live at the Channelside Apartments. However, they say the disgusting conditions led the family to move into a hotel.

“Most of our moldy belongings are on the patio right now,” Jenson said.

A different person living at the Channelside Apartments told WINK News about the dispute. He said he remembered our station’s coverage in 2016 about the problem in the same complex.

A local plumber, John Burrows with American Construction & Plumbing, with decades of experience told us to wear mask immediately.

Burrows said the air conditioner is causing the problem because it is not removing enough moisture from the apartment, which leads to it accumulating on the walls.

With gadgets in hand, Burrows found the moisture was at 69%.

“Crazy high,” Burrows said.

Jenson shared her medical records and photos with us.

“The symptoms you’re sharing with me,” Burrows said, “are mold-related.”

Channelside Apartments said the family has gotten it all wrong. In a letter, it claims the family is not keeping the air condition unit on and that is the cause of the humidity. That is a violation of their lease. Management wants the family to clean it up.

As for Jenson’s next move, she says she is trying to figure it out but knows she will not return to Channelside Apartments.

“I can guarantee you,” Jenson said, “they’re not getting another dime from us.”

Reporter:Sydney Persing
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