Naples HS football praises sophomore quarterback leading into 2019 season

In 2018, the Naples High School football team’s offense barely threw the ball. Expect that to change in 2019. And it’s not because of the loss of running back Chez Mellusi.

Head coach Bill Kramer is handing the keys over to sophomore quarterback Dominiq Ponder. The 6-foot, 3-inch, 175-lbs underclassman will take the helm of an offense that averaged just 40 yards per game through passing.

Ponder is young but extremely confident in himself and his teammates.

“It’s fun. It’s easy,” Ponder said. Coach K. is a great coach. I have great teammates. The speed doesn’t really change for me because I’ve always been good.”

Kramer is just as confident in his player.

“It’s all there,” Kramer said. “It’s raw, but it’s just a matter of time and repetitions, and he’s going to be a really, really, really good player.”

Naples loses Mellusi, who is now at Clemson University in South Carolina.

But the team returns Elan Sommala and CJ Dietzel, who should both make for a two-headed monster in the back field.

Ponder will also have the luxary of throwing Dom Mammarelli at tight end, who is committed to University of Miami.

Reporter:Andrew Keesee