Recalls for the week. Photo via WINK News

Product recalls of the week: July 27 – Aug 2

Various recalls were sent out this week to warn Florida residents not to use certain products, as they can be detrimental to you and your families health.

For the week of July 28- August 4 the following items were recalled:

Super Jumper Trampolines

Photo via CPSC

Hazard: The welds on the metal railings (legs) can fail, posing fall and injury hazards. Remedy:Repair
Recall date: August 1, 2019
Units: About 23,000 (In addition, 860 in Canada)

Infant Sock and Wrist Rattle Sets

Photo via CPSC
Hazard:Rattles sewn inside the socks and wristbands can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.
Recall date:July 31, 2019
Units:About 7,500

Eddie Bauer Slumber and Soothe Rock Bassinet; Disney Baby Doze and Dream Bassinet

Photo via CPSC
Hazard:Infant fatalities have been reported while using other inclined sleep products, after the infants rolled from their back to their stomach or side while unrestrained, or under other circumstances.
Recall date:July 31, 2019
Units:About 24,000

Magnetic Trivets

Photo via CPSC
Hazard:Magnets can detach from the trivets, posing an ingestion hazard to children.When two or more magnets are swallowed, they can link together inside the intestines and clamp onto body tissues, causing intestinal obstructions, perforations, sepsis and death. Internal injury from magnets can pose serious lifelong health effects.
Remedy: Replace
Recall date: July 30, 2019
Units:About 350,000
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