Glades County dogs and cats saved from death row

Viewers and Facebook followers on our social media page stepped in and supported helpless dogs and cats. Thirty potential pets were going to be put down if they weren’t adopted because a shelter in Glades County was packed. But a shelter in another county has stepped in to save any animals that don’t get adopted by the beginning of next week.

A North Fort Myers couple was moved by the story and drove to Glades County County Animal Control in order to adopt one of the imperiled dogs Friday.

Like many who have pets, Dave Boswell will tell you it’s unimaginable losing one. So when he watched WINK News and saw 30 cats and dogs were at risk of getting put down, he knew he had to act fast.

“We saw the thing on the news this morning and all the dogs and everything,” Boswell said. “We lost our dog about a month ago.”

Boswell was worried time was running out for pets at this shelter.

“It was horrible,” Boswell said. “Just want to try to save one anyway and do what we can.”

The decision saved a dog’s life and completed a family.

“Dogs have a way of picking the person, so I think that’s kind of what happened,” Boswell said.

The rest of the animals have a saving grace: SPCA of Brevard will take all the cats and dogs that aren’t adopted

“No animal should die just because the people there are not going to be there anymore. It’s not really fair to those animals,” Boswell said. “I would just like to say to everybody, come on out and get one.”

Anyone interested in supporting one of the cats and dogs can visit the Glades County Animal Control and adopt a pet for free.

Those not adopted by Monday will be brought to a new shelter in Titusville, which is a no-kill shelter.

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Author: Reporter: Justin Kase
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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