Stranger fires shots in Cape Coral after doorbell dash

A ding-dong ditch prank turned into a deadlier one when shots were fired.

On Wednesday, Cape Coral Police Department responded to a report of shots fired in a Cape Coral neighborhood.

According to CCPD, this all happened around 11:20 p.m. after neighbors at a home along the 600 block of Del Prado Boulevard say a stranger rang their doorbell and then fled in a car. Two people at the home got into their car and followed the stranger along SE 8th Street. During the pursuit, they say the stranger flashed a light at them and then fired shots toward them with a gun.

Dale Smith, who lives in Cape Coral, said he and his wife have rules for answering the door to strangers when they know they aren’t expecting company.

“I tell the wife, you look out the front windows on the side, and you look out before you open the front door,” Smith said.

Cape police said it’s a good rule after this incident.

“People do some crazy stuff,” Smith said. “Crooks are not smart people. And there’s enough camera. It’s gonna show somewhere.”

The neighbors described the stranger as a “light-skinned guy” with dreadlocks who was driving in a 4-door gray Chevrolet car.

Investigators found a bullet hole in the hood of the neighbor’s car as well as a 9mm shell casing.

The stranger remains on the street, and they would face a charge for Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon (Without Intent To Kill) if apprehend and arrested.

“I could only hope this issue will be resolved as soon as possible,” neighbor Jim Reed said. “This is a good neighborhood. We’re proud to live here.”

Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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