Couple says contractor has left them $300K out of pocket with no liveable home after three years

Three years and $300,000 later, a viewer says he’s left with a house he still can’t live in.

David Delgizzi and his wife are waiting for the Port Charlotte-based contractor Casas del Sol Inc. to finish building their new home, where construction began three years ago.

Now, the contractor he hired to build his dream home is under investigation for expired permits and incomplete jobs.

Charlotte County started looking at Casas del Sol back in February when it started getting complaints.

According to the county, the contractor said it would finish building 2-3 homes per month, which means it should have completed ten homes by now.

The county says the contractor hasn’t finished any in Charlotte in the last six months.

“This was our dream home.” Delgizzi said, adding that now, “It’s a nightmare.”

Construction started in 2016 for Delgizzi. Today, he and his wife have spent $300,000 and they’re still left with an unfinished home.

“There were all kinds of mistakes as this thing was going up that I was pointing out and they didn’t respond to any of them,” he said.

Delgizzi showed us around the property with an incomplete pool nearly empty with only rainwater, a boatlift that doesn’t work and a toilet not fully assembled, among other things.

“This toilet is defective,” Delgizzi pointed out. “If you can see it, it is leaning to one side. It’s like being in a fun-house. You get dizzy sitting on there.”

Delgizzi filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General’s Office, which tells us it has received four complaints against Casas del Sol Inc. Those were handed over to the state’s licensing department.

While the DBPR couldn’t tell us if they’re investigating the company, we know Charlotte County is.

The county says Casas del Sol has 20 single-family permits open as of August 1, and they’re not allowed to open any more permits in the county under the vice president’s name.

Still, the county says the VP’s brother, the president of Casas del Sol, has been applying for permits under his own license.

An attorney representing Casas del Sol was unable to go on camera, but told us Casas del Sol has completed several homes and made progress on other houses other construction since the county entered its order, adding the contractor plans to finish all homes.

“My client has taken this matter very seriously and has completed several homes and has made substantial progress on all other homes under construction since the county entered its order earlier this year. The County wants my client to complete the homes under construction before it will consider granting permits for new home construction. I understand the County’s concern. My client intends to fully comply with the County’s order and finish all homes”

Customers are left asking when will their homes be finished and what happened to their money?

Delgizzi says he wants them to show him where it is.

Now, Casas del Sol has to attend hearings with Charlotte County’s Construction Industry Licensing Board to provide monthly updates. The next one is Thursday at the administration center.

We asked the county how many meetings have been held about the contractor:

“They have attended 5 CILB hearings which are held monthly. Their initial hearing was held in February 2019 and they were found in violation and were required to attend the CILB hearings monthly to give updates to the board and let the board know the progress they are making.”

The investigation by the county continues.

The City of Punta Gorda tells us its building board revoked Casas del Sol’s permitting privileges.

The contractor could request it to be reinstated but the city says that request would likely get rejected.

Reporter:Erika Jackson
Writer:Derrick Shaw
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