Controversial Fort Myers club, Fly Lounge, vacates the property

After months of shootings, violence and liquor license problems, the owners of the Fly Lounge had until Wednesday to clear out the venue.

On Thursday, there are tinted windows and pure silence, as the Fly Lounge is empty. What was once a patio with tables and chairs, along with empty cups and cigarette butts, is now clean.

The Fly Lounge had a history of brawls and violence. In the end, the landlord had enough.

The Fly Lounge may be a victim of its popularity. It had several incidents, including a shooting, which left one person injured. WINK News put in a request for the number of calls in the last year and we got back 13 pages.

It is all those calls that led the city to sue the owners of the Fly Lounge. We reached out to the owner for comment multiple times and he did not get back to us. Grant Alley, the city attorney, explained why to us in an interview in July why it sued.

“When one business is taking an inordinate amount of resources, they’re taking it from other citizens,” Alley said. “That’s why we need to try to resolve this and try to fix this.”

Although Fly Lounge beefed up its security, the violence did not stop. Now, it appears the Fly Lounge is no more.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
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