What’s next for Capital One customers and applicants after lawsuits are filed

Just one day after news broke about the massive data breach at Capital One the lawsuits are starting to pile up.

One of the law firms hoping to get you some money out of this breach is right here in Florida, Morgan & Morgan.

The company has just begun the process of notifying customers if they were victims.

Morgan and Morgan is alleging the bank did not take reasonable care to protect their clients’ data. They also claim the bank didn’t detect the March breach until what’s known as a white-hat hacker, one of the good guys, notified them in an email on July 17, four months later.

DOCUMENT: Capital One Data Breach Lawsuit

The FBI arrested Paige Thompson for this hack. In a complaint filed in the Seattle Federal Court, investigators say the reason behind the hack isn’t clear, however, her boasting online before being arrested shows she may actually have wanted to be caught, but time will tell.

Meanwhile, people are speculating she was looking at making money with her stolen data.

Morgan & Morgan Attorney John Yanchunis said, “I think this person took some pride in taking it and it was for purposes of turning it into money. So it will be used in some fashion in the very near future.”

There could still be more information to come as the complaint states Thompson was saying she stole data from other entities.

To give you an idea about how long civil cases can take to work their way through the system, the Equifax settlement which we told you about last week took about two years, so no need to expect money from Capital One anytime soon.

Reporter:Rich Kolko
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