Collier County first responders advocate hot child car death prevention

Parents, grandparents, anyone who drives young children around: figure out a way to make sure you never leave a child locked in a hot car.

Collier County first responders, are joining forces to send a message to raise awareness. In a demonstration, the temperature recorded inside a car was much higher than outside. It is what a child must suffer if he or she is left in a hot car.

Nationwide in 2018, 52 kids died in a hot car. It was the deadliest year on record. Already this year, there have been 24 deaths in Florida.

“Today all of us together,” said Sheriff Kevin Rambosk, of Collier County Sheriff’s Office, “are asking the community to come together and make a decision that we’re not going to allow this to occur in Collier County.”

Most people would grab their phone and call 911 emergency services if they left their child in a locked, hot vehicle. However, Rambosk said, do not be afraid to shatter the window immediately. Seconds count, so do not worry about waiting for help to arrive.

Other options include technology in newer cars that remind drivers someone is in the backseat. But you can also purchase devices that alert you, too.

A special phone charger, for instance, will make a sound once you turn off your car. There are also car seat sensors that can be clipped on the seat. The sensor randomly sounds off to remind you there is a child in the backseat.

“People think accidents like this will not happen to them,” said Sally Kreuscher, who works at Safe Kids Southwest Florida. “It’s important to continue to push our this message and create new technology because one death is just too many.”

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