Man spies into the windows of unsuspecting Cape Coral teens

Your child could be next. That is the warning from two Cape Coral families.

A 15-year-old hopped in the shower early Monday morning and had an eerie feeling someone was watching through the window. She was right.

“During the shower, I guess she saw like part of a hand and maybe part of a face,” the teenager’s mother said, “and freaked her out obviously.”

The teenager’s mother said her daughter hopped out of the shower right away to tell her father.

“He wasn’t expecting to see anything,” the mother said. “He thought, ‘maybe it was just a shadow or something.’ He actually saw a man.”

The man, she said, was still looking through the bathroom window. Her husband was upset and screamed at the man, who then started running away.

However, this isn’t the first time this has happened in this neighborhood to a teenage girl. This house is the most recent. But just a month ago, a home next door believes that same man was creeping on their 13-year-old.

“A man came up in that back window right there and was looking in the window at my granddaughter,” said Julianna Sosa, the grandmother of another victim. “She was changing and she looked up in the window and saw him.”

It did not happen once. A few days later, Sosa said the man came back again.

“She said, ‘Nana, Nana! Some man is trying to grab me! To kidnap me! He tried to do this!’ Sosa said. “So I called the police and made a report.”

Then, a couple of days later, the man came back a third time.

“My neighbor here in the back knocked on my door she said, ‘hey, there’s a man out there!'” Sosa said.

Sosa did not stick around for a fourth time. They moved last week.

“It lets me know that he’s still in the area,” Sosa said. “He is still out there. He needs to be caught.”

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
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