Law enforcement investigating swimmer drowning off Upper Captiva

Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Upper Captiva Fire and Rescue are investigating the death of a swimmer who drowned off Upper Captiva Thursday.

According to a report, Andrae Sailes, 39, died from drowning while swimming 15 yards off shore.

Sometime during his swim a witness noticed Sailes was not moving and that only his feet were above the water. The witness swam to the Sailes with an inflatable raft and brought him back to shore while attempting life saving efforts.

“It’s just pure terror because it can happen to anyone,” said Brionna Taylor, who has had a near death experience in the water.

Taylor is from Kentucky. She and her family were vacationing on Captiva when she was caught in a rip current. Fortunately, she was with her dad, who was able to pull her from the water.

“It was pretty scary; it was hard to catch my breath,” Taylor said. “If I was by myself, I probably would haven’t have been able to get up at all.”

This is the second reported drowning in Upper Captiva this month. About two weeks ago, a father from Georgia drowned because he was caught in rip current after he saved his daughter.

“I thought the conditions were fine, but I can see how you can get swept under really easily,” Taylor said.


Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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