North Fort Myers mother fights to get her son justice

Will Sanger died in a motorcycle crash in North Fort Myers eight months ago. Now, Sanger’s mother struggles to understand how the driver who took her son away will only face a traffic citation.

Rae Sewell wears one of her necklaces every day. For her, that particular piece of jewelry is a symbol of her larger than life son.

“Will was a ball of energy,” Rae said. “From the moment I was carrying him, he didn’t stop. I knew I was in for it.”

Will, 20, loved fishing and baseball. However, on Nov. 5, everything changed. Rae said her oldest son called her, saying that he was on the scene and had to be the one to break the tragic news.

Will was riding his motorcycle down Pondella Rd. when he was hit and killed by a car.

“You can’t put words into losing a child and that feeling,” Rae said. “It would be something you’d have to go through to totally understand it, which I wouldn’t wish anybody to understand.”

For eight months, Will’s family has struggled to find their new normal. Then, another blow when they learned the driver, 22, who hit and killed the North Fort Myers man is only facing a traffic ticket.

“If you’re truly going to try and convince me that that’s not at the very least reckless driving when you willfully make a choice to cut in front of traffic and gamble on whether it’s going to cause an accident or not,” Rae said, “then the laws need to change and that will be my fight.”

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