FDA TV ads educate youth on dangers of e-cigarette use

A brand-new TV ad from the FDA encourages kids to stop using e-cigarettes after the federal agency warns smoking and electronic vaping do the same damage.

The FDA is trying to get the attention of young smokers through new prevention advertisements that show the dangers of e-cigarettes and vaping. It’s part of “The Real Cost” campaign the FDA launched in September 2018.

An FDA press release stated, “The troubling epidemic of youth vaping threatens to erase the years of progress we’ve made combating tobacco use among kids, and it’s imperative that our work to tackle this immensely concerning trend continue to include efforts to educate our nation’s youth about the dangers of these products.”

According to the FDA, two years ago, 2.1 million students in middle school and high school said they currently used e-cigarettes.

  • “You might as well flush your lungs while you’re at it. Vaping can deliver toxic metal particles, like nickel, lead and chromium directly into your lungs.”
  • “When you find out what’s in a vape, you won’t be relieved. Vaping can expose you to some of the same cancer-causing chemicals as those found in cigarette smoke.”

Vaping station owner Michele Adkins said retailers selling e-cigarettes and vapes online are what need to be regulated because they don’t follow the rules.

“The biggest problem is they can go online and go whatever they want,” Adkins said. “We ID. We have signs. We don’t sell to anyone under 18.”

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Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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