Building owner cancels lease on tenant after deadly Lehigh shooting

The owners of a building at an Lehigh Acres industrial complex said they have nothing to say to their tenant who allowed a party that had a deadly shooting. They said they canceled the lease on him immediately and changed the locks Monday.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office still hasn’t released the name of a victim killed in the Sunday shooting or the names of two others who were shot during a party at the complex with as many as 300 people in attendance.

Bullet holes are noticeable in exterior concrete walls outside of a business at the complex. The company that leases this building space said they rent it for adult education classes.

Credit: Photo via WINK News.

Video was shared on social media moments after the shooting as Lee County deputies responded to the scene.

Nearby business owners like Javier Machado are surprised a shooting was near their workplace.

“If you’re a promoter, have extra security,” Machado said. “Do it at another place where you can actually rent. Go to a country club banquet hall. But don’t do warehouse parties. It’s just crazy.”

The building owner said his tenant later admitted to LCSO that he subleased the space out the night of the party.

Kenneth Diehl, who also works in the area, said bullets landed inches from his front door.

“We’re all just in a daze,” Diehl said. “We’re like, ‘My gosh, we don’t know what happened.”

We did not receive a response after trying to reach out to the tenant.

Trust us to update you as soon as the victim’s names are released by the sheriff’s office. 

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Reporter:Anika Henanger
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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