School District of Lee County constructs single point of entry

As the clock winds down on summer, security improvements are underway to protect your children.

When Candidio Barbosa’s daughter starts high school in a few weeks, keeping her daughter safe is a top priority.

That is why Barbosa is happy to see an 8-foot tall fence going in around the front of the Cape Coral Senior High School.

Close to 1,000 feet of fencing will soon surround the school’s front parking lot, which for the last couple of years has been off Santa Barbara Blvd.

“It blocks off the access or at least makes it difficult to get on campus from anywhere outside on the public property,” said Rob Spicker, assistant director of media relations for the School District of Lee County.

The School District of Lee County said it is all about having a single point of entry. That is something every Lee County school will have by  Aug. 12, which is the first day of class.

“So it sets up a series of barriers to block access to the school that isn’t wanted,” Spicker said.

While Cape High School used to be surrounded by fencing a couple of years ago, the school district’s decision to take down the fence was not made lightly.

“Now, the decision has been made post-Parkland,” Spicker said, “that we need to secure that parking lot as well so the fence is going back up in place.”

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