Juror in Shayden Colvin hit-and-run death trial feels ‘duped’ over withheld evidence

A letter from a juror to a judge comes to light after the mistrial of Pedro Silva-Diaz.

Silva-Diaz is accused of running over 13-year-old Shayden Colvin in 2017.

After learning the defense attorney claimed the state withheld evidence – specifically video favorable to the defense – juror Tami Scott wrote a letter stating, “I do know this, if a video exists showing other vehicles in and around that intersection, the outcome of the case would have been different. I agree the case should be dismissed.”

Scott says it came down to the videos and the jury had more questions than answers.

Pedro Silva-Diaz

She also said “I feel like I was duped. How dare the state use me as one of their pawns, present me with manipulated evidences to decide to send someone to prison. Indefensible.”

Shayden’s mom Niki Colvin told us since the jury didn’t see the video, it seems absurd to assume that it would have swayed the verdict.

WINK News reached out to other jury members and while one juror agrees with Niki Colvin, saying you can’t assume what those videos would show, another agrees with the letter saying the case should be thrown out.

The State Attorney’s Office said they can’t comment on the open case.

As it stands, a second trial is scheduled to begin in September and a hearing is scheduled for August.

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