Serial number is key to tracking stolen Cape Coral firearms

A common crime plaguing Cape Coral – police said firearms are disappearing from cars at an alarming rate.

”It’s surprising that it’s happening in this area,” Bob Kovach said, “because there’s just not that many people and most of us know each other.”

But what happened to Kovach’s neighborhood is a crime that Cape Coral Police Dept. officers are receiving calls about on the regular. Guns are being stolen out of cars and homes.

”It’s unnerving to find out that you have maybe a firearm that could be loaded and could be used by an irresponsible person if someone has access [to] it that maybe has the wrong intentions,” Kovach said.

The glove box is the last place Kovach’s neighbor remembers seeing it when the person told police officers. Cape Coral police said that is one of the worst places to store a firearm.

Officer Phil Mullen told WINK News an unlocked car creates the perfect opportunity for a gun thief to strike.

”Usually, they’ll sell them,” Mullen said. “They don’t usually keep them. They’ll sell the guns on the black market or whatever to people that normally can’t get guns.”

But there is a way to track down the stolen gun, which is by making sure you know the serial number.

”The most important piece of information we need is the serial number for that gun,” Mullen said. ”Hopefully, we come across it, either by means of investigation or by luck. If it’s found in a traffic stop or something like that then that serial number comes back stolen.”

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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