More people accusing roofer of abandoning jobs

More than thirty people say Joshua W. Campbell of Campbell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc of Florida took their money and took off.

When WINK News first reported on Campbell, he said he was chipping away at the jobs. Now, he says he is “in the process of closing the business and declaring bankruptcy.” At least that’s what he wrote down on a document describing his assets filed with Collier County Court.

Former customers say they’re out thousands, and now that rainy season is here, so are the leaks.

Unhappy customers

Every drop of water that leaks through Tom Chalut’s damaged roof, sounds like another dollar down the drain.

“I got my dream house in Florida,” Chalut said, “and I’m up in the attic all the time.”

And Chalut’s trips up there don’t look like they’re ending anytime soon.

“The more I look around, the more I find,” Chalut says.

Chalut said he paid Campbell Roofing nearly $31,000 to start his roof repair. He signed the deal almost a year ago with a November start date. To date, he says his roof hasn’t been touched.

“They stole that from me,” Chalut said. “They’ve done no work on my house, have not been back once since picking up that $31,000 check.”

Chalut says he is considering a civil suit, but questions if it’s worth it.

“How much money do you spend chasing money?” Chalut said. “Right? Eventually it’s just more money out of pocket.”

And his concern may be a valid one. A former Campbell client won a judgment against Campbell, but still hasn’t seen any money. A Collier County judge threw Campbell in jail for contempt of court in connection to that case, but he’s since been released and the case is pending.


Collier County Licensing Compliance says they’re investigating Campbell Roofing & Sheet Metal of Florida.

Even if Campbell wanted to finish jobs, at least one city won’t let him. In Cape Coral, he can’t do work because his insurance information isn’t up to date.

Campbell must also go before the Cape Coral Construction Board July 24 concerning disciplinary action.

People as far north as Bay County in the panhandle have had issues with Campbell.

Police arrested him for grand theft stemming from a roofing job, but those charges were dropped because the state said it couldn’t prove Campbell acted with criminal intent.

The Attorney General’s Office has more than 25 complaints against Campbell Roofing & Sheet Metal of Florida, and says their consumer investigation is ongoing.

To date, Campbell hasn’t filed for bankruptcy. WINK News reached out to Campbell for comment, but he hasn’t provided any updates since our first investigation.

Reporter:Allison Gormly
Writer:WINK News
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