Family of bears play in an Immokalee neighborhood

These unbearably cute cubs are using Immokalee yards as their playground. But they scared some homeowners, after they thought bandits were on the loose.

Homeowners said they see several cubs and their mom frequently. Across the street from some of these homes is forestry. Neighbors believe that is where the bears are coming from.

One homeowner told WINK News the bears sometimes break fences down because they try to climb over them. Cell phone video shows a cub climbing up a tree, then two more come down and trot through the yards. It looks like they are having a wild adventure!

Shortly after the homeowner took the video, Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputies came out there and got the bears back into their habitat. They said the animals were looking for the bear necessities.

Nearby families told us once a bear is spotted, they know better than to interact with them.

“I would run inside the house.” Alizea Tamayo said.

“One time I remember, I was with my cousin and we actually saw a baby one messing with the trash!” Tyesha Munoz said. “We just ran inside the house because we were scared.”

Writer:Michael Mora
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