Surveillance video appears to show car that killed 12-year-old

New video surveillance Monday night shows what appears to be the car involved in the crash that killed 12-year-old Alana Tamplin in North Fort Myers back in January.

The homeowner’s surveillance is taken right next to the bus stop where Alana was killed. In the video, the driver in the car turns around within seconds and goes around the road again. A neighbor gave us the video hours after Florida Highway Patrol handed its case over to the state attorney for review.

Also new is the witness list released in Alana’s case, and two important people are missing — the passenger in the car when Alana was hit and Brooklyn Davis, Alana’s best friend who was there at the bus stop when her friend was killed. Both are not being called as witnesses. All five witnesses on the list are FHP troopers.

“I was there, and I watched it,” Brooklyn said.

That’s why she is surprised she is not being called as a witness during driver Mary Miller’s court date. Miller was charged last week with Careless Driving.

“The son-in-law and me should both be witnesses,” Brooklyn said.

After the car turns around in the video, a young girl is seen running.

Alana’s mother wrote a strong message for the state attorney’s office.

“I hope that you don’t consider the fact that my daughter may have just been another number,” Sarah Tamplin said. “She was a 12-year-old, living, breathing child who deserves better. We not only need to make changes, but I want you to look at the fact that we lost something very important, and we’re never going to get that back.”

FHP told us they have seen the surveillance video shared with us.

Miller’s court hearing is set for Thursday, August 22.

Monday, we also learned the driver who hit and killed Alana could face criminal charges.

“I’m hoping we get justice,” Sarah said. “I’m hoping that there are criminal charges and that there is not a fine, not a ticket and somebody is actually going to pay with imprisonment in jail.”

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Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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