Video shows man jump onto car at Fort Myers dealership

The search is on for an individual who leaped off the top of a building and landed on a car. Surveillance video shared with us shows the moment they landed on the car and then immediately walked away. The car belongs to a local business owner, who was bewildered when he found his car damaged.

Owner John DiLeonardo of Fort Myers car dealership Modern Corp. Auto Sales reported his car damaged along with sharing surveillance video that shows a male who damaged it when they seemingly jumped or fell about 20 feet from the roof of the business and then fled the scene early Sunday morning.

Surveillance video recorded the incident at 4:30 a.m. The individual lands on top of DiLeonardo’s car, leaving the roof caved in.

The person in the recording is seen wearing what looks like a bathing suit and a wet towel and then casually walks away without looking hurt. DiLeonardo said other business surveillance shows the individual replace the towel with a blanket the business leaves on the side of the building to feed stray cats.

The car is now in the back of the dealership’s lot under an awning to help preserve any possible finger prints left behind from the individual.

Ironically, DiLeonardo had a ladder in the back of his business that is surrounded by a fence. Why the person chose to climb up the ladder and then jump down is a mystery currently.

“If I could give advice to anybody, if you have any ladders laying around your business or your home, make sure they are secured properly,” DiLeonardo said. “Because you never know when somebody is going to get on your roof and then jump off.”

Now, DiLeonardo needs to get an estimate on the car and hopefully resolve it through insurance.

Fort Myers Police Department was also informed of the incident.

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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