4-year-old in Bonita Springs proves golf has no age limit

How young is too young to play golf? A wide array of answers could come from that question depending on what golf course you ask. And one young, budding golfer may contend there is no such thing as too young.

Every golfer has their trick, and 4-year-old Cameron Middleton of Bonita Springs counts to three before each swing as a way of slowing down.

“One, two, three, too thick for my hybrid,” Cameron tells himself.

But for someone who first picked up a club at 18 months old, the growth for the toddler’s love for golf has been anything but slow.

“It was pretty amazing,” said Marc Middleton, Cameron’s father. “He was hitting it straight down the middle – 40, 50 yards – consistently. So I called Gina, and I said, ‘I think he might be into golf.’”

In a short time, Cameron started turning heads.

“I was stunned, honestly,” said Gina Middleton, Cameron’s mother. “To watch a child have the hand-eye coordination to hit a ball the way he did, it was absolutely phenomenal.”

Gina said Cameron’s dad would take him to the sporting goods store and do trick shots. But Cameron is more than just a gimmick. This year, he joined the South Florida PGA Jr. League, an organization that requires a minimum age of 6 years old.

“For an organization like the PGA to take on a child,” Gina said. “Normally, they don’t take them because the focus isn’t there or the skill level isn’t there.”

“I think I need to use a 7,” Cameron said.

And in this case, the apple has fallen far from the tree.

Are you guys golfers yourselves?

“No, absolutely not,” Gina said. “Mine goes sideways. It might hit a tree.”

“I’ve hit several houses on this course, unfortunately,” Marc said.

Cameron still has a ways to go, but, again, he’s 4 years old. He has plenty of time.

Also, Cameron says his favorite golfer is Ricky Fowler. And if he could do one thing on the golf course, he would sleep on the 9th green.

Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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