“The Office” actor visits Hammond Stadium in south Fort Myers

People lined up, a lot of them with pretzels in hand, to wait for autographs from a beloved TV actor at the ballpark.

Fort Myers Miracle hosted its “The Office” night based on the hit television series, and actor Leslie David Baker who portrayed Stanley Hudson was at Hammond Stadium in south Fort Myers to join fans Friday.

Baker said he is still amazed the show resonates with people after all these years.

“I think people realize these characters are endearing because no matter where you go, whether you go to school, or church or university or your job, in offices, factories, you run into the same personality types,” Baker said. “And people identify and connect with those characters.”

We asked Baker what people often say to him in public if they get a chance to see him.

“Is it pretzel day?” Baker said with a smile.

As expected, plenty of pretzels were served.

The Miracle game was postponed until today due to weather conditions Friday, but Baker was unable to attend this weekend.

Still, fans were able to meet and greet with him at the stadium and reminisce in some of his funniest moments as Stanley.

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