House majority leader wants Lee County Schools to reconsider arming teachers

One of our state leaders wants teachers in Florida to have the right to carry guns in the classroom.

After the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, the School District of Lee County voted against arming teachers. But Rep. Dane Eagle (R-Fla.), majority leader of the Florida House of Representatives, wants the school district to reconsider.

“The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission, which is comprised of educators, law enforcement officers, and family members of the victims of the tragic shooting, recommended that teachers have a pathway to exercise their Constitutional right to protect and defend themselves and their students. The Legislature complied and expanded the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program so any teacher who chooses to undergo 132 hours of training and become a sworn officer of the law can carry a weapon on school property. I believe this voluntary program is crucial in keeping our schools safe. I hope the Lee County School Board will take a closer look at the program and adopt it.” – State Representative Dane Eagle.

Not all are on board with arming teachers. Betsy Vaughn, a school board member in District 6 was blunt with her statement about arming teachers.

“I do not support arming teachers. Period!,” said Vaughn.

Despite the decision to not allow teachers to carry on campus, one board member was glad the option was left to the individual communities to make the decision.

“We are also tremendously grateful to the Legislature for giving local school boards the option to arm teachers – or not – depending on what works best for each individual community.  This was permissive legislation, it was not a requirement.  We are grateful that the Legislature understood the need to find a local solution that maximizes safety and security given the unique makeup of Lee County,” said Chris Patricca, Lee County School Board District 3.

WATCH the video above for the full story, where WINK News Reporter Brook Shafer spoke to one school board members who is sticking to her stance.

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