Cape Coral Dive Club performs trash cleanups, improving water quality

Among water quality issues such as red tide and toxic blue-green algae, keeping unwanted items out of our waters is a pressing concern local divers hope to mitigate. It’s all in effort to keep waterways in Southwest Florida pristine for today and future generations.

Cape Coral Dive Club removed trash from the water’s deep off of Cape Coral Yacht Club to improve water quality Saturday.

“You want peace and quiet, go scuba diving,” said dive member Michael Johnston.

Johnston said divers live for the water, but they also want to keep it clean. So the club is diving for a cause.

Although divers must go below the water’s surface to pick up trash, Chauncey Davis, Cape Coral Dive Club president, said a majority of the garbage can be found along the boat ramps and shoreline.

“It’s not like a junkyard,” Davis said. “But you’ll see things where the sea is adapted to it, especially glass items. But metal, plastics, plastics take forever to degrade.”

Divers worked together to remove all the items that were left behind.

“I found a bag, an old canvas bag, two plastic forks and a whole bunch of fishing line,” Johnston said.

An abandoned crab trap was recovered, but some items were a little more unfamiliar like a sign that was picked up.

“We have to keep our waterways clean, especially in the last year with the algae and the red tide,” Johnston said.

Kim King noticed a metal rod in the water while she played on the beach with her grandchildren. King said she is happy to see people taking action together to keep the water clean.

“It’s pretty sad because we have to take care of our nature and our wildlife,” King said. “If we don’t have that, what do we have?”

The dive club has hosted previous cleanups in Matlacha and said it plans to host more in the near future. For more information about Cape Coral Dive Club cleanup trips, visit its website.

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Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
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