FGCU student government promotes program keeping students safe at bars

FGCU is taking initiative to help provide options for college students who are out drinking and potentially in situations that could harm them. Students say that dating culture can be scary when it comes to meeting people through apps at bars or other public places. We look at how a new program will work to keep students safe in those situations.

FGCU announced it will provide a new program called “Eagle Shot,” offering its students security when they are at participating bars and restaurants in the area.

“Realistically, we want everyone to feel a sense of safety and a little bit of a comfort when they go into a bar, any type of situation,” said Jaime Veneziale, with FGCU student government.

FGCU student Nicki Loftus said students like her need to be careful in dating app and bar culture.

“Sometimes bad situations happen,” Loftus said. “And I know that you want to have an escape if it’s given to you.”

But students may be unaware of FGCU’s escape option offered through “Eagle Shot,” so the student government is taking action to change that.

How it works: If a student feels like they are in an uncomfortable situation, they can request a specific drink at one of the participating bars. The order acts like a code word found inside participating bathrooms.

“If students don’t feel safe, it’s a way that they can safely and discreetly ask for help to the venue staff,” said Kayla Reiter, FGCU student body vice president.

The student government’s goal is to get every local bar and restaurant to participate in its program, and leaders said the drink names used as code words will change monthly for discretion.

Veneziale said he hopes the university initiative will get more students talking.

“They feel that there’s a stigma with having to ask for help,” Veneziale said. “We’re using “Eagle Shot” as a way to break down that stigma.”

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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