Opening statements given in 2017 Cape Coral crash killing a woman

The jury has been sworn in and opening statements wrapped up in the case of a man accused of driving recklessly, leading to a Cape Coral crash that killed a woman in 2017.

Surveillance video shows the moments before the crash. Kenneth Graves’ car, seen in the video, is moving at a fast speed.

The driver involved in the deadly Thanksgiving crash is now on trial. State prosecutors said Graves lost control of his Mustang and crashed into Kennya Ojeda, 32 years old, who died at the hospital two days later.

“What you don’t know yet is the true story behind the accusations,” said Erin Casey, attorney for Graves.

During opening statements Tuesday, prosecutors told the jury they plan to call several witnesses who said Graves was speeding.

“Swerving,” said Jessica Horowitz, State Attorney’s Office, “going too fast as he approached the traffic signal at the intersection of Country Club.”

But defense asked the jury to take into account how quick it all happened.

“Their testimony is going to concern observations made from a moving vehicle during a time frame of mere seconds during a high-stress event,” Casey said.

Home surveillance cameras also caught the white Mustang moments before the crash. More evidence that prosecutors said proves how Graves was driving that Thanksgiving Day.

But the defense said that is up for the jury to decide.

“It will be your job to determine whether Mr. Graves operated the Mustang in a reckless manner,” Casey said, “likely to cause death or serious bodily injury.”

Reporter:Taylor Petras
Writer:Michael Mora
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