Child nearly drowns during a pool party in Cape Coral

A heart-stopping moment as a child falls into a Cape Coral pool and nearly drowns. A report said 10 to 12 kids were running around a barbecue party. That is when the child fell into the pool.

It all happened along the 3300 block of SW 2nd Lane near Burnt Store Rd on Sunday while all the adults had their backs turned away from the pool.

A recipe for a dangerous situation that Rich Dibunono does not want to happen again in his Cape Coral neighborhood.

”Ya got to be attentive,” Dibuono said. “You have to be there all the time.”

Cape Coral police said a child rushed to the hospital after nearly drowning in the pool. The parents there had their backs turned.

The parent of the child told police they made sure the other adults knew they were going to the bathroom. But in the two minutes the parent was gone, the child fell backward into the chlorine water.

”Take the kid to the bathroom with you!” Dibuono said. “You can’t shirk your responsibility onto other people.”

Another neighbor, Ed Potter who’s grandchildren come over to swim, said pool safety is a combined effort.

”There has to be a person with each kid,” Potter said. “Each one has a float that can’t swim.”

As for the adults at the pool party, thankfully the child survived. But with the 4th of July next week, first responders and neighbors here hope this is a reminder to watch your kids closely.

Cape Coral firefighters said they had three near-drownings over the weekend. Having adult supervision with children is paramount.

“Especially if there’s alcohol involved or any other well situation,” Dibuono said, “because they’re not tuned in to what your child’s doing.”

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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