Muddy roads leaves some drivers stuck in gunk

Heavy rain washed out roads in Cape Coral. For those living near the Utilities Extension Project construction, that nightmare is getting worse.

There are muddy roads and puddles of dirty water.

“Terrible,” said Alexjandro Espino, a motorist in Cape Coral. “It’s like lots of muddy messy.”

Muddy road leading to problems for some Cape Coral drivers. (Credit: WINK News)
Muddy road leading to problems for some Cape Coral drivers. (Credit: WINK News)

“Oh, it’s terrible,” said Art Chambers, a Cape Coral driver. “There’s like little lakes. Miniature lakes are like up and down the street here.”

People living near NW 6TH St. in Cape Coral are stuck in a flooded roadway every time it rains.

“Its nothing but a big mud hole,” Helen Meade said.

Meade’s tires are covered in mud.

“I’m glad I got a van,” Meade said. “Otherwise, I couldn’t make it.”

Espino and his mom said they are continually washing off their driveway from the mess.

“It’s terrible here in these roads,” Espino said. “Terrible.”

Even our WINK News car almost got stuck in the mud.

The mess is in the middle of the UEP project. UEP involves installing new drinking water, sewer and irrigation lines.

Construction started last January. The city said crews are constantly inspecting and even adding dry fill to these roads. Still, days like Wednesday are a nightmare for people who live in the area.

“You have to drive around,” Chambers said, “and I got almost stuck quite a few times.”

Now that it is the rainy season, these neighbors want something to change.

“Clear it up so people can get in and out,” Meade said. “They have to work.”

Reporter:Brooke Shafer
Writer:Michael Mora
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