Local artist creates mural celebrating nature in Florida

Celebrating Florida’s nature while breathing life into local businesses – a local artist transformed the appearance of Cypress Lake Professional Center from ‘blah’ to bright.

“I love adding color to the wall,” said Anton Nicola, an artist.

Just how big? Try 125 feet long by 12 feet high.

“Every step is magnified due to the size of this project,” Anton said.

It’s Anton’s first commissioned art. It was all inspired by Florida’s nature. The work in progress is off Cypress Lake Dr. and it is getting noticed.

“Dozens of people in the area have stopped,” said Morgan Nicola, who works at Allyn International. “Give me some positive feedback. Given be a boost on those hot and rainy days.”

“In fact, the staff and owners were involved with picking out the color and look,” said Tom Pepitone, owner of Pepitone Properties Corp. “Everything.”

Anton is half-way through the process. He is expected to finish by the end of June, barring weather delays.

After its completion, Anton wishes that the images on the wall will inspire others to learn more about the nature that surrounds them.

“When they see a butterfly or passion flower,” Anton said. “For them to take note of that, research that and learn more about that and then just put something color on the wall.”

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