Gun fire over a Snapchat deal keeps Harlem Heights families in fear

Two men went to pickup a cell phone in a Lee County neighborhood last week – coordinated over Snapchat – when bullets started flying.

One man was taken into custody yesterday. Edward Perkins lives along Clear Lake Loop in Harlem Heights, which is where the shooting took place. He faces charges for robbery and aggravated assault.

Several gunshots rang out between two men and at the center of it, a cell phone swap. WINK News was there when Clear Lake Loop was flooded with police after the shooting.

Investigators said the two victims went to buy the cell phone. When they arrived, Perkins came out with a gun and pointed it at the victims.

Then, the driver pulled out his own gun, investigators said. Gunfire erupted between the two.

One man, who wants to remain anonymous, lives in the area and heard those gunshots.

“A lot of gunshots,” the man said. “Rapid fire. Rapid fire. I am so sorry it happened. It upset my kids and my wife. We didn’t sleep that night, so here we are.”

Other neighbors we talked to said those gunshots kept their families up all night. We know three people ended up at three different hospitals after the shooting.

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