Cape PD says accused killer attacked girlfriend in the past

Investigating Landor’s Murder

Police say a man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend has been in trouble with them for attacking her before.

On Sunday, Cape Coral Police Department arrested Kyle Orr, 31, for killing his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old Jessica Landor, at her apartment in south Cape Coral.

Police said they found Landor stabbed to death in her second-floor apartment on SW 47th terrace. A broken key was in the lock of her front door, and black rope was found by her feet.

Orr was found with a wound on his arm that police say was self-inflicted, as he ran away from the apartment.

Landor’s co-worker and friend, who worked with her at a salon off Del Prado for five years, said Landor and Orr met on a dating app. She hopes this tragedy serves as a warning for women using them.

We spoke to a counselor about breaking the cycle in toxic or abusive relationships after a man was accused of killing his ex-girlfriend.

Counselor Abbe Finn, with FGCU ‘s mental health counseling program, said this is a common cycle. She said people don’t fall in love with monsters. Instead, people fall in love with a charming person who slowly shows their true colors.

Finn said anyone using a dating app should use it to also do a background check on anyone a user may be interested in.

“Use it as an opportunity to check this person up online,” Finn said. “Do some background checks on this person. Find out if they have an arrest record for domestic violence.”

Finn said that Orr was most likely a charmer at first.

“The perpetrator is going to be absolutely charming,” Finn said. “They’re going to suck this person into their world and make them doubt what they see is reality.”

We learned Monday that was not the only violent attack Orr was accused of against his ex. In May, police say Orr choked her and tied her to himself, but Landor refused to press charges.

“[Abuser] slowly turn up the heat with the violence,” Finn said. “It’s going to cycle through completely being charming, completely being regretful, and then acting like a monster.”

Finn said leaving situations is extremely difficult for victims because of an abuser’s behavior.

“They’re going to make threats that are extraordinarily terrifying because they know their victims so well,” Finn said. “They know how to push their buttons to keep them where they are.”

Finn said it’s not impossible for a victim to overcome these types of situations, however,

“You have to see it as an evacuation,” Finn said. “It takes planning and support.”

Finn said anyone looking to leave an unhealthy relationship can call 211. It’s a 24/7 hotline that will find community support to help right away.

Police said they had probable cause to arrest Orr for Second-Degree Murder.

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