101-year-old WWII vet has 29 years of fun volunteering for Cape Coral Hospital

A Cape Coral veteran is passionate about living his life for others. He is a Congressional Gold Medal recipient, a volunteer and to those he helps, he is a treasure.

‘Poncho’ Mauricio reminds us that you are never too old to dance to the music. At 101 years old, he likes listening to Latin music while he fixes equipment for the Cape Coral Hospital.

“I volunteer in the hospital to help people,” Mauricio said.

“I hope I can get to that age,” said Harry Alberti, Lee Health vice-president of operations.  “If I get to that age I wanna be doing what you’re doing.”

“Being 101, there’s not that many people that are still walking around the hospital or walking around period,” he said. “He is a treasure for this hospital.”

Once a prisoner in World War II, the retired Filipino Army Major and congressional gold medalist proudly wears a badge of service now. It is a ’29,’ representing his years of volunteering here.

He has a huge heart for serving his community. Mauricio said he looks forward to getting ’30’ pin from the hospital this year and turning 102-years-old in November.

The hospital welcomes Mauricio for another year. It recognizes his contributions as important, such as when he works on call lines to help patients when they need something from nurses.

“Looking at him is a great feeling because it doesn’t stop when you are getting in your later years,” Alberti said. “You can still be a productive member and help our patients and help our community.”

Reporter:Melinda Lee
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